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Home Health Care

NIA Community Care (NCC) offers clients skilled nursing care, behavioral & physical case management, personal care, companionship, and adult foster care. Provide value-based care from home to decrease hospital readmissions and improve quality of life. NIA works with clients and caretakers to collectively provide healthcare across all settings in the client’s current residence.

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Chronic Medical Care

NCC provides skilled nursing care, case- management, and education for chronic medical concerns. NCC provides connected care that organizes and coordinates care across the healthcare continuum.

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Case Management

Integrating behavior and physical health is a reality of obtaining quality holistic care. Behavioral health needs are considered as part of the health assessment. The client and caretaker are supported to ensure the client receives the appropriate therapy, medication, coping strategies, and counseling needed to foster the best outcome. The case manager will work with clients, caretakers, and families to create a care plan, grafting a team approach to addressing all aspects of health to obtain the best quality of life.

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